I Don’t Like MOBAs. Let Me Tell You About This MOBA I Like.

I’ve never really been appealed to by MOBAs. There’s been nothing that really made me want to jump in and start playing. It’s not from lack of exposure. I’ve had friends both online and off who were big into League of Legends, and I was listening as they talked about their games. One of my favorite streamers/Youtubers used to play community games of DOTA 2, and some of his hosts multitasked and were in a Skype call with him playing DOTA 2 while he played Blood Bowl. Plus, I look through the Steam Community Artwork, and funnily enough there’s a lot of DOTA 2 (and CS GO) stuff uploaded there.

But none of it ever appealed to me. I never played the old Warcraft RTSes, and that Blizzard style of RTS never had any appeal to me. I’m not that much a fan of heavy-duty micromanagement like having to make sure to get last hits on your own minions implies. Not to mention that the zoomed-out RTS camera and click-to-move controls don’t get me particularly excited.

But then, and you may be able to guess what it is, a particular game came along… Continue reading


Why Don’t I Like Hearthstone?

I like video games. And I like trading card games. I’ve spent loads of money on Magic cards, and although I’ve never quite had the time or money to really dive into Standard and keep up with the format, it’s always something I’ve wanted to do. To be in there, in the moment, refining my strategies after every Friday night, practicing against friends, keeping an ear out for The Next Big Deck. So then I hear that Blizzard’s released this free-to-play card game called Hearthstone… Continue reading