The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages: Blind Stream-Through: First Two Nights

So for the past two weeks I have been hopping on my Twitch channel ( and playing through The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages with the intent of doing a linked game between Ages and Seasons and getting the true ending to the Oracle story. And after the break, you can see the Youtube exports! My thoughts are after the break.

As a child I had Oracle of Seasons, although I never beat it. There was a section where I got flat stumped and could not figure out how to proceed to the next dungeon. This might be a thing with the Capcom Legend of Zelda games, because the exact same problem is the reason I haven’t played more of Minnish Cap on my 3DS.

All of the jokes about the “Riddle of X” are a reference to the riddle of steel from the first Conan movie. I don’t intend to stop making new Riddles.

One thing that’s standing out to me is that there are a lot of times where the game feels padded out. Where there are hoops to jump through in order to proceed. In the second dungeon, to get to the boss from the entrance you need to do a platforming room and the push-pot room, as well as ride the minecart. On Crescent Island there’s a lot of going to and from the trader’s hut, and to get the Scent Seeds you have to go to the spot, go to the village, go to the present, go through the loop of the island to get to the tree, go back to the village, and go to the past again.

I know that Ages is supposed to be the more puzzle-focused game of the pair, and that all these padding sections are parts where I get frustrated so I may be hunting for negatives, but I don’t remember Link’s Awakening being this padded out. Sometimes you had to cross the map to get what you needed but you were actually getting it or doing something, not just going to and from the trader’s hut a bunch of times. It also seems there was a change in dungeon design philosophy between the first and second dungeons. The first one had a very good flow, as I pointed out, whereas in the second one I couldn’t really feel any flow from it.

All that said I’m still finding the game to be pretty enjoyable. Seeing what outsiders from Nintendo do with a Nintendo franchise is always interesting to see if nothing else.


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