Batchall of the Gods: An Alternate Smite Playstyle

This set of rules is meant to provide an alternative Smite experience. Its inspiration adn terminology come from the Clans of Battletech. The Clans developed a warrior culture with the Batchall and their code of honor known as Zellbrigen to avoid total war and resolve conflicts and battles with as few battles and combatants as possible, sometimes with a single duel. While the intent was the provide an honorable code of combat to limit damages, the implementation varied from Clan to Clan with some being very conservative in their use, and others very opportunistic. This behavior is still encouraged within the Smite rules. It is suggested for ease and enjoyment that all players be in the same voice communication room during this, using in-game tools for secret communications.


  1. Players form two teams of at least three players and choose a captain to represent them. Both teams agree on the map that the battle will take place on.
  2. The captains flip a coin. The winner of the coin flip becomes the Attacker and the loser becomes the Defender.
  3. Outside of the game the Attacker begins a Draft Pick with six bans. Follow the standard Draft Pick procedure as close as the number of players allows. On the second Ban and Pick phase the Defender chooses first.
  4. After the Draft is over, the captains begin bidding a combination of starting level and starting gold, e.g. “I bid level 5 and 20000 gold.” The Attacker makes a bid first, then the Defender may make a counter-bid. If the Attacker does not accept the bid, they may make a counter. This continues until both Captains agree on the starting level and gold combination. If the Attacker agrees they accept the bid by saying, “Well bargained.” The Defender then may change their mind and offer a new bid, continuing the process. The Defender always ends the bidding process by saying, “Well bargained and done.”
  5. The Attacker then make the custom room with the agreed upon starting gold and levels, using Blind Pick. Players choose the gods agreed upon in the Draft.


  1. During the match, at any time after the round has begun (i.e. the clock begins counting upward) one player (the Challenger) can challenge a player on the other team (the Challenged) to a duel. The Challenger also declares where the players meet for the duel. Both players must be out of combat for a duel to be legally called.
  2. It is dishonorable to attack or use abilities on a player on their way to a duel.
  3. It is dishonorable for players on either team to interfere or provide support by using auto-attacks, abilities, body-blocking, or Auras to help their teammate out. They may only use Auras if a teamfight is taking place in the vicinity of the duel and that brings them into proximity with the duelists. If this rule is being broken the duel can be honorably declared void. Nu Wa’s and Xbalanque’s ults may only be used if those gods are in their own fight elsewhere and must use their ults. They must declare to the duelists that they are using their ults.
  4. It is dishonorable for either player to delay the duel by not attacking or using abilities, beyond what is tactically acceptable to find positioning or wait for cooldowns to end. If a player is delaying their opponent may honorably declare the duel void.
  5. It is dishonorable to retreat from a duel.
  6. It is dishonorable to refuse a duel except under the conditions in Rule 7.
  7. The Challenged can only refuse a duel honorably under the following conditions: 1: There is a large disparity (roughly 1/3rd of the HP bar or more) in the health of both players. 2: Half the players on the Challenged’s team are dead. 3: The Challenged believes the Challenger of having dishonorable motives and is attempting to pull the Challenged away from a teamfight or objective to defend or attack. Note that these options only allow for refusal, they do not mandate it. Note that to use the last option to refuse, the Challenged must point out dishonorable behavior by the Challenger or their team.
  8. The match of Smite continues on normally for players not involved in the duel.

Optional Rules:

  • The teams may agree upon a neutral Loremaster to listen to voice communications and ensure that all players are acting honorably. If the Loremaster determines that one team has acted severely without honor, they may call the match in favor of the other team. The Loremaster should be familiar with the letter and spirit of these rules and officiate the Draft phase.
  • Alternatively, a captain may be a Loremaster. If both teams agree, the Captains perform a separate coin flip to determinate which is Loremaster. If the Loremaster performs a dishonorable action or is ignoring dishonorable actions his teammates perform, the other captain may call him on the infractions and become Loremaster.
  • The teams may agree that instead of bidding a certain amount of starting gold, they bid numbers of fully-built passive items, e.g. “I bid level 5 and 4 items.” If this is agreed upon the starting gold should be set to 999999. Players may sell items to adjust their build, but they may not build past the limit. Only passive items count towards the limit, actives and consumables do not. Teams should agree beforehand on whether the 450 and 3000 gold potions are allowed.
  • The teams may agree that each team or each player should only be allowed a certain number of deaths. Once that number is reached, the player must remain in the fountain. They may communicate but not leave the fountain, attack, or use abilities. If all players on a team reach that limit, or a team limit for deaths is reached, that team must surrender. If this rule is used then it must be followed. The only other way the match can end is if the Loremaster declares the match in a team’s favor.

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