Why I’m Playing Dominions 4

Dominions 4 is a hard game to recommend. And I am saying that even as I am genuinely enjoying it. Dominions as a franchise has an amazing ability to capture the imagination. In fact, let me tell you about the latest moment that did.

I’m clicking through the list of spells that my mages can cast between turns, normally summons or enchantments. One in particular draws my eye: Call Wraith Lord. They sounded neat, and I’d rather just summon one to see what they’re like instead of looking them up in the manual. And they’re cool. Great stats. Fear aura means enemies have to make morale checks to be able to attack. Ethereal means 75% of nonmagical weapons whiff. High map movement. Decent Death Magic casters in their own right, allowing me to repurpose them as mages if need be. And if they die inside the lands my Pretender God has dominion over, they’ll respawn at my capital.

My mind begins racing. I begin checking my mages to see what magic items they can forge. Swords to give my Wraith Lords frost attacks with AOE splash damage- Which my Wraith Lords resist. Amulets to give them more strength and more magic resistance. Shields to force enemies to make Awe checks as well as Fear checks. Helmets to make their bodies like iron, robes that will make them invulnerable to all but the strongest physical attacks. Boots to give them more map movement and more attacks. I summon and forge and start to form Wraith Lord strike teams, two geared up Wraith Lords wading into enemy provinces and obliterating the enemies they meet. I feel the rush of power and know that yes, despite its complexity, I like this game.But that’s not where this story begins… Continue reading