What does taking four seconds off a cooldown mean?

I like Smite. This much I have said. And one of the playstyles in Smite that I have wound up being drawn to is playing gods from the typically very defensive Guardian class and building them more as bruisers. No longer purely tanky, but with enough damage to be a threat on my own to squishy targets and enough health and defense to last in a fight or at least force enemies to focus me.

One of the gods who is really good at this is Cabrakan, the Mayan destroyer of mountains. He’s a big burly dude with alligator skin and giant arms and even more giant stone shields that he smashes people with. Cabrakan’s strengths come from his strong burst damage. His first and second abilities lend themselves to a powerful one-two punch. And his kit may be very short-ranged, but it forces enemies to either reposition themselves and blow their escapes or continue being close to Cabrakan, the worst possible location. The latest patch (10/6/2015) gave him a buff. What does this buff mean for Cabrakan going forward? Continue reading