Invasive Species Update 34

capture 001

“Alright mom! I’m going off to Viridian! I’ll probably be home in time for dinner!”

[hey check it out. i got italics now]

capture 002 capture 003

“Alright so, if it’s still locked we’re just gonna go track down the Elite 4 anyway and tell them that it’s not our job to make sure the Gym leaders are around.”

capture 004

“Oh? Oh! Okay then cancel the speech.”

capture 005 capture 006

“But… the Gym leader is here, right?”

capture 007 capture 008

“Eh… there’s not really been a pattern to how much these Gym leaders give me trouble.”

capture 009

“Well. That makes him sound like a nonissue.”

capture 010 capture 011

“But… wait… Gary’s been through here? But it’s still a secret? He can’t keep his trap shut to save his life!”

capture 012 capture 013

“I mean I did just take a load off back at home, so I’m really refreshed now actually.”

capture 020

“Heh. Not an issue.”

capture 015 capture 016

“Dude your face is like… really red right now.”

capture 018 capture 019

“Maybe you should go sit down for a while and calm down?”

capture 021 capture 022

“But… you’re not a musician?”

capture 023 capture 024

“No, somehow no one’s ever seen this guy but they know he’s here and- Wait YOU don’t even know who the Gym leader is?”

capture 025 capture 026

“Oh? Well look at how much style we’ve got!”

capture 028 capture 029

“So you know who the Gym leader is? …Do you want to tell me?”

capture 030 capture 031

“Oh no, royalty?!”

capture 032 capture 033

“Good thing I’ve got the king of the seas on my side.”

capture 034

“Is it cocky when I’ve earned it?”

capture 035 capture 036

“Wow, rude. Don’t be mean to other people’s Pokemon.”

capture 037 capture 038

“Also, I’m not sure Belinda’s afraid of anything.”

capture 039

“Sure you were. Sure you were.”

capture 040 capture 041

“Is this like an agreed on thing? Or are you just being cocky?”

capture 042 capture 043

“The latter?”

capture 044

“Well just hang out with them some more and have fun training time.”

capture 045 capture 046

“I know! Who are they?”

capture 047 capture 048

“Yep! Now spill the beans.”

capture 049 capture 050

“…You aren’t going to spill the beans? Fine, jerk.”

capture 051


capture 052


capture 053 capture 054

“This whole time?! HOW?!”

capture 055 capture 056

“Did you think that I wouldn’t?! You thought our business was finished?!”

capture 057 capture 058

“You?! You aren’t the greatest of anything! All you are is just… a bully!”

capture 059 capture 060

“Kazumi! Set it up!”

capture 062 capture 063

“And take it down!”

capture 064 capture 065

“Keep going as long as you’ve got the light!”

capture 066 capture 067

“Ugh… just hold on for one more!”

capture 068 capture 069

[not going to lie, i really wanted Kazumi not to lose her speed advantage]

capture 070

“Alright Kazumi, you’re looking slow. You can tag out.”

capture 072 capture 073

“Start thinking, Tide!”

capture 074 capture 075

“There, that’s good thinking.

“Alright Ambrose, it’s time to finish this.”

capture 076 capture 077

“I don’t know what happened to you, Giovanni, and I don’t care. I don’t care where you go or how much you’ve fooled the Elite Four, every time you stick your head out on some evil scheme I’m going to track you down, because you’re WRONG. Pokemon aren’t just to make you money! They’re not tools! They’re not disposable! No person, no Pokemon is! And as long as you believe that, you’re going to have to deal with me, because guess what!”

capture 078 capture 079

“I’m not afraid of you, and we’re NOT! LOSING! HERE!”

capture 080 capture 081

“And I don’t care how many rocks you’re hiding under!”

capture 082 capture 083

“Just hand over the badge.”

capture 084


capture 085 capture 086
capture 087


capture 088 capture 089

“…Why do you want to give me anything?”

capture 090 capture 091

“Yeah, I remember.”

capture 092 capture 093

“What, you weren’t always a mob boss?”

capture 094 capture 095

“Yeah… everyone who kept threatening that you were going to beat me must be pretty upset right now.”

capture 096


capture 097 capture 098

“I… I don’t really believe you, but you already know that if you start this stuff again, I’m coming for you.”

capture 099

“Although I hope I don’t have to. Kinda tired of dealing with Team Rocket.”

capture 100

“Uh… yep. What, did he leave out the front door?”

capture 101 capture 102

“…Are you the one who updates these signs, advice guy? Because this just happened five minutes ago.”

capture 103

“All eight badges… I guess there’s only one hike left.”

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