Spamurice Recipe

If you watch anime you’ve probably seen omurice, a weird little football or almond shaped omelette thing. Well. It’s just an omelette. You don’t have to go hunt down the right ingredients or get the freshest fish or nothing. You could stagger into a Denny’s at 2 AM almost black-out drunk right now and order this if some advertiser came up with a better name than omurice. Here’s how I make mine.

Yes I make it with Spam. I have a brand. I like Spam. Yes that’s why the name.

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Swidj Reccomendatings of 9/18/2019

This is a list of what I have played and recommended on the Switch, and why. A game not being on this list doesn’t mean that it’s bad or I hate it, it just means I haven’t played it because it didn’t appeal to me. You can dislike a game on this list and like a game that isn’t on this list. I’m not talking about Breath of the Wild because if the rest of the internet can’t get you interested I don’t know how I’m supposed to. Continue reading